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KSA Drugs is an index for drugs existing in the Saudi market.- KSA Drugs is backed with the most trusted, accurate, and up-to-date medicine data source from Saudi FDA
- APPROXIMATE SEARCH *** for the first time *** You don't have to remember the exact spelling of the drug. You write what you remember and we correct it for you! (e.g.: searching for "gabten" will get you the correct name "gaptin" in the results)
- Showing "IDENTICAL" drugs (the drugs with EXACTLY the same concentrations of the same active ingredients)
- Compare prices of identical drugs (already arranged from cheaper to more expensive
- Direct LINKS to Medscape's and's detailed info pages about EACH of the drugs you are searching for! (No need for multiple Apps from now on!)
- List of "RECENTLY VIEWED" drugs for your convenience.
- Browse all medicine companies that has products in the Saudi market, use the fast alphabetical indexer to fast scroll to the company you want, and browse its products.
- Browse all active ingredients, see drugs under specific active ingredient.
- Continuous update to the drug database.
- Get the ideal dose of IV drugs by patient's weight (calculate it immediately) in a few seconds (directly from Medscape)
- Listen to the correct pronunciation of the scientific name (generic name) of the drug (directly from "" website).
- KSA Drugs support both Arabic and English user interface according to your mobile current language.
Your medical information, enriched, accurate, and up-to-date.